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[Model DZ938F]
220V / 30AMPS Steam Sauna (3KW Generator) - The high-speed and high-efficiency steam engine can produce high temperature steam in a short time and this helps you to expedite your blood circulation. It keeps your whole body relaxed, eliminates fatigue and resumes physical strength. It has a curative effect on rheumatism, rheumatic arthritis, back pain, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenic and is an effective way to reduce weight. You can maintain suitable temperature and master the time well according to your need using computerized LCD control. Acupuncture Massage - Specially designed with spray nozzle and strategically positioned based on human skeleton, channels and subsidiary channels, acupuncture point and tendon, your whole body can take a hydraulic massage using this feature. It will promote your body circulation, invigorate your body cells, self-adjust your brain, clear up tiredness and prevent chronic disease. The folding seat backs against the hydro massage jets for an acupuncture massage on your back muscles. 20 Body Massage Jets Computerized LCD - Control LCD computer control panel displays power on/off, lamp, steam, ozone disinfectant, fan, radio, and emergency button status of the unit. Rainfall Ceiling Shower - Oversize shower head is surrounded with decorative circular light to give you exceptional rainfall shower experience. Handheld Showerhead - Handheld showerheads allows 2 people to use simultaneously without having to wait. Chromatherapy Lighting High Quality Sound System - Surround sound speaker system that is connected to a Radio input. Excellent quality speakers. Built in microphone. Keypad on computer control panel, microphone built in, and the audio comes through the center speaker. ETL Approved

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 11 January, 2012.
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